Training Development and Design

Getting your team up to speed

Tailor made training solutions that fit your organization.

Training should be specific to your needs and what you want your team members to learn. Businesses don't have time to put hundreds of employees through lengthy, inefficient and ineffective training, nor do they usually have the ability to develop their teams on the niche aspects of their organization.

Why do you need Custom Training Development and Design?

Custom training development and design helps you standardize processes and procedures for your workforce. Whether you want to improve core knowledge, accuracy, consistency, save training time, improve learning retention, or advance your leadership, quality, safety, and reliability.

Sometimes pre-canned training does not give you everything that you need for your team members. Your team members should be able to see videos on your own processes and equipment, or demonstrations of safe practices on your site.

You do not have to be a big company to benefit from custom training programs. If you have high turnover or are rapidly expanding your business, you can make your training more effective and more cost efficient by standardizing your training needs - while reducing the impact the turnover you face has on your output.

How we develop your employee development

Let us help you capture your processes and educate your team with our world class learning experiences

  • Custom training videos
  • Quick reference & process guides
  • Virtual & live instructor lead training
  • Training program design
  • Learning management system implementation

Why choose AVO Dynamics to develop your training content

We approach learning by leveraging digital media with traditional instructor-led classroom. We specialize in virtual learning, creating custom training video content, implementing Learning Management Systems (LMS), designing training programs, optimizing current training platforms, training analytics, and building specialized training content based on your business.

Our goal is to make employee development a self-guided , self-paced experience integrated with instructor led training to streamline valuable employee development to improve business results.

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