Social Media Marketing & Management

We can help you run a single campaign, or craft a holistic strategy

Benefits social media can have on your business

Social media is a unique way to connect with your customers, represent your brands value, and get discovered by new market segments. With a proper strategy you can transform your brand into one it's customers advocate for.

  • Reach new customers
  • Reengage current customers
  • Build Brand Identity
  • Bring traffic to your website/location

Social media is a required part of modern marketing

Social media platforms can have a variety of uses to your business. Your social efforts will increase your brand's footprint, allowing each step of your marketing strategy to have a bigger impact. Just having a business listing isn't enough, and neither is a website on it's own. You want your business to be inescapable online. But you don't want to post indiscriminately, you need a plan.

Don't let social media overwhelm you, and underwhelm your customers.

If you've tried to manage your own social media profiles for your business you've probably seen first hand how difficult it can be. With all of the different platforms to keep up with, it can feel like a second job just to try and use social media to support your actual business. Ignoring social media all together is even worse, not only do you miss out on potential opportunities - you might be losing opportunities by not responding to negative feedback about your business. Even if you can handle managing a few profiles, are you getting the most out of them?

AVO Dynamic's Approach to Social Media Management

We work with your company to develop and execute a social media strategy that serves your business goals, integrates seamlessly with your existing digital infrastructure, and lays the foundation for all of your marketing efforts. We want to be partners in our client's success. We take the time to understand out customer's needs and work with them to develop a social media strategy that is cross platform and connected to business goals. We will manage Facebook, Google Business & Twitter pages, including regular posting and audience engagement. We'll also report to you the results of our efforts, so you know how your reach is growing and impacting your business.

Our Social Media Management & Marketing Services

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Regular posting across social profiles
  • Reputation Management
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • Quarterly Strategy Sessions
  • Paid Social Media & Search Advertising
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