Full Scale Video Production

Whether you need a commercial, corporate video, product showcase, or other type of video, our team can handle each aspect of your video project.

Videos are the first choice of brands and consumers alike.

Whether you need to tell your story, sell your product, or educate an audience - nothing has the same impact of video.

We've produced video for large industrial sites, small businesses that are just starting, business looking to grow their customer base, and companies looking to launch new products or services. The videos that we've produced have increased employee efficiency, helped launch new locations, attracted new market segments to our customer's doorsteps, and even saved companies FTE. If you're interested in our video production but don't know where to start, just contact us. We can audit your business and work with you to determine where a video can have the most optimal impact on your bottom line or goals.

  1. What we can produce for you
  2. Promotional Commercial
    A 30-60 second long video to promote a location, business, or product.
  3. Showcase Video
    A longer video that showcases a product, service, or location. Perfect for cementing interest after it's been initially piqued.
  4. Educational/Training Video
    A video meant to explain and educate, which can be customer or employee facing.
  5. Event Documentation
    A recording of an event, meeting, or talk. Can be as simple or complex as needed - and can also include live broadcasting.
  6. Podcast
    A video podcast that can include publishing & highlight clips.
  7. Narrative/Documentary
    Have a script or idea? We can help produce your movie, documentary, or web series.

Why you need to utilize video

Video Content gives your customers an emotional connection to your business. Videos also allow your customers to become advocate and easily share your message with broader audiences, organically growing your brand over time.

In today's fast paced environment, people are on the move and utilize the convenience of their phones to consume information about products and services. Given a choice, the consumer will choose to watch a video over reading a page or article 9/10 times.

Who is video for?

Video is for any business that wants their audience's attention. The world is full of distractions, but video captivates. Restaurants can showcase their venue or menu, Real estate agents can display their properties and services, service companies can pitch themselves on demand. A video is for anyone who can use a tailored message to their target audience, representing you the way that you want to be seen by your customers.

Publishing strategy

If a great video is played to an empty seat, does it make a sound? A great video is nothing without a solid plan to get it seen. Our services don't stop at the final edit - we can help get eyes on your video so that it starts to generate change. We can work with networks to get your video on TV locally, regionally, or nationally. We can promote your video on social media, streaming services, deploy it to your corporate video platform or learning management system.

Check out the page on our multichannel marketing services to learn more about how we can get your content to your audience.

Why choose AVO Dynamics for your video needs?

  • Scripting
  • Location Scouting
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Audio Mastering
  • Color Correction
  • Publishing
  • Publicity

We offer full scale video production from location scouting, filming, editing to delivering and managing the marketing campaign. This is all done by people who will devote the effort to understand your business and it's needs, to ensure that you aren't making a video just because of video envy - you're making a video to have an impact on your bottom line and operations.

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