Live-Streaming and Audio/Visual needs for your next event!

We facilitate a virtual presence tailored to your business's unique needs.

Virtual Broadcasting Services

  • Projectors
  • Monitors
  • Speakers
  • Microphones
  • Lighting
  • Staging
  • Cameras
  • Multicam Video Switching

Communication channels are expanding as technology evolves, and more consumers are looking for ways to be a part of the conversation. Business customers, clients, and employees are no longer just reading a Facebook post or watching a video, they are going to live streams, judging the quality of every virtual meeting - they're hungry for new formats and higher quality formats as social distancing relegates the board room to a thing of the past. AVO Dynamics has evolved its messaging capabilities to reflect current trends in media solutions to provide clients with the most effective tools to interact with their clients & customers.

What is a virtual broadcast?

Virtual broadcasts take many forms. Since the emergence of the livestreaming format, all varieties of virtual events are quickly gaining popularity in the industry, thanks to their highly engaging, experience-oriented and cost-efficient nature. This can be used for webinars, company training, conferences, and sales demonstrations.

The ability for a producer to dynamically change the broadcast to match the unique needs of each event environment has turned it into a powerful tool for event marketers.

Virtual broadcasting needs

We've produced a variety of different kinds of virtual events. These are a few examples of the needs that we can deliver a solution for.

  • Virtual Training Sessions
  • All Team Meetings
  • Quarterly/Annual Reports
  • Sales Demonstrations
  • Project Kickoffs
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Remote Auditing

Broadcast-style content has long been accessible via platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live. These could be accessed by most any cellphone or laptop. While these platforms provide marketers with a variety of tools to create engaging content, alone they don’t offer the professional production experience that allows companies to truly stand out.

Since many companies started practicing social distancing and work from home policies, much of the modern workforce is actually taking part in virtual broadcasting almost every day. 90% of the time, these experiences are disappointing.

Upgrading your virtual communication capabilities

We know that people need to be able to stay connected in today’s digital society. We can help you set up live streaming and unified communication options for your office, theater, house of worship, or school to help facilitate this connection.

Our team is ready to help you design a custom setup to meet your needs, whether you are looking to equip your students with the tools to learn or to empower your team with you live. Virtual broadcasting options are especially useful for businesses that want to keep their teams in contact with each other and on the same page every day.

Live video is a good option for large or small audiences who want to watch what is happening in real-time, but do not need to contribute–think about it as watching a baseball game from home. Many companies are choosing this option so their staff can feel connected to services and participate from home increasing efficiency.

Let us produce your next virtual event

We're extremely comfortable with producing engaging virtual experiences. If your company doesn't want to invest in a total virtual broadcasting solutions, or you want a next level production, we can design and execute a standout event for you.

We're the right choice to make virtual broadcasting easy for your organization

We will be happy to make your life easier. If you wish to enhance your live streaming and virtual broadcasting services, we will be able to help. Let us guide you through the process. We will work with you to make sure your technology is always reliable and easy to use.

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