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What can we do for you?

Our suite of services range from media production to digital transformation - but all have a proven impact on your company's bottom line. Learn more

Media Production

Comprehensive media solutions with a focus on transformational business results.

  • Video Production
  • Virtual Event Broadcasting
  • Podcast Production
  • Logo & Branding Design

Brand Development

Strategic minded branding services that connect with customers for years to come.

  • Communication Strategy
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Development

Business Consulting

Drive business performance & efficiency to create cost-effective growth.

  • Digital Process Improvement
  • Training & Development
  • Human Resources Optimization
  • Analytics & Reporting

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Process Driven Workflow

Result Oriented Development

1. Onboarding

Meeting your business

We begin our projects by getting to know your business. We develop a deep understanding of how you measure success for the project, and how to leverage the strengths of your business to achieve your goals.

2. Planning

Analyzing problems & goals

After we understand your need, we form a comprehensive solution strategy to chart your path to success. Our goal here is to solve the problem you came to us with, while adding unexpected value.

3. Production

Streamlined solutions

We have a commitment to efficiency at the core of our culture. As we work with you, you'll be able to stay up to date on the project through our client portal. We exceed our client's expectations through the ease and speed of communications, review processes, and transparency that we offer.

4. Outcomes & Analysis

Measuring your success

Our work doesn't stop at the final deliverable. We can stay connected with you to measure the results that your project has had, help communicate those outcomes to your stakeholders, and provide insights on next steps to continual growth and long term sustainability.

What do our clients say?

Nat, owner of Divine Designs

Hiring AVO Dynamics to film a commercial for my hair solon was one of the best decisions I have made for advertising my business. I posted the video on my social media page and it performed 5 times better than previous advertising campaigns. I immediately hired them to run a full Advertising campaign based around the commercial. They even redesigned my business logo at no charge. They really go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with their service.

Natauasha | Owner, Divine Designs

Gary Doggette, County Commissioner of Choctaw County

It was two weeks out from the elections I was worried about how it was going to go. I was advised to reach out to AVO Dynamics to film a commercial as a last minute boost. They really dug into my campaign, platform, and the issues my constituents cared about to craft a product beyond my expectations. I won that election.

Gary Doggette | County Commissioner, Choctaw County

Mobile, AL
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