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Perception is everything
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Branding & Design Services

Brand design is where art meets business. Great branding is a part of great businesses. Branding tells the story of your brand - it's your business's style. You wouldn't buy a car from someone wearing work boots, a tutu, and a fedora. The same goes for your business. The visual identity of your business makes it recognizable, helping you stand out from the competition.

The benefits of branding

  • Market Recognition
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Employee Performance
  • Drives Trust

Customers and potential business partners make a snap judgment on your brand within 10 seconds of encountering it. In those 10 seconds they decide who you are, what you offer, your skill level, and if they should trust you.

It's not just your customers, your suppliers are also influenced by the perception of your brand. As are potential employees. Employees who relate to a brand's identity have better performance, higher job satisfaction, and stay with companies longer.

In short: branding impacts every area of your business.
Branding is a foundational pillar of your operations.

The omni-channel experience

Omni-channel marketing is a new concept at the intersection of multichannel marketing & corporate branding. Research has shown the importance of cohesive branding across all marketing channels to drive customer experience. This visual synergy reinforces your brand and it's messaging at every impression, so that your efforts have the maximum impact at every touch point.

Do you need branding services?

If you came to this page, you likely have some sort of branding or design related need. Maybe you're a business owner looking to make sure your business is represented with the same quality as your offerings. Maybe you're a director of communications with a limited staff looking for a jump start on your corporate brand experience, or you need to launch a new program.

If you want to launch something new, take full advantage of your marketing efforts, or maximize your customer experience - you need top notch branding. Our team of experts can help with a full branding launch, a brand redesign that refines what you already have, or expand your current brand with a brand collateral package.

We bring your brand to life

We develop our client's brands through a carful process of discovery, research, and creative design. No matter how large or small the project is, they all follow the same process.

Business Discovery

All of our projects start with getting to know you. We learn about the business's history, the major stakeholders, it's unique position in the market, it's offerings and services, and who it's audience is.

Market Research

Next we research competition - both regionally and nationally - to get an understanding of who you need to stand out against now, and who you're going to be competing with next. We research the industry overall, and the consumer's purchase journey in that market.

Design Execution

Armed with a deep understanding of your needs, we craft a design that embodies your brand. We work with you through this process, revising our designs until it is in perfect harmony with what you want and what we know will get you the results that you need.

Our top notch branding services

These are a few of the individual services that we can provide in a branding project. A comprehensive project might involve all of these and more, while some projects might only involve the creation of an individual asset.

  • Creative direction & concepting
  • Brand colors & typography
  • Purpose statement & value creation
  • Slogan and tagline creation
  • Audience & market research
  • Responsive logo design
  • Company letterhead, packaging & marketing materials
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